Clothing cannot be kept away from human lives. Along with protecting and covering our bodies, they also represent our style and attitude. As the number of clothing brands has drastically risen, it has become overwhelming for people to choose a brand. However, some of them have been successful in reaching the top chart from the rest. They have been providing affordable and trendy outfits across the country to grab the success they enjoy. Here are the top fashion brands in the world.

  • Zara

Zara is one of the most popular and large clothing brands in the world for women. They focus on affordable and trendy fashion. Women of all ages can get different types of clothing options. They make it a point to quickly adapt to the latest trends and the use of high-quality materials. Sustainability is also a focus of Zara as they try their best to reduce and recycle their waste in different stores and the sourcing of materials is done most ethically.

  • Armani

Armani’s brand value counts to around $3.1 billion and it provides exemplary glamor and tailoring along with attractive dresses. The brand is the favorite of many Hollywood stars. Armani is well-known for their suits. The fabric used will be luxurious. The most expensive clothing of Armani are Exchange, Emporio, and Armani. Some other products of Armani are glasses, perfumes, shoes, belts, bags, etc.

  • Prada

PRADA’s brand value is about $7.3 billion and the company has a revenue of around $3.7 Billion. Mario Prada, a leather manufacturer from Italy is the man behind PRADA. This is a very expensive brand and is a love for many girls. Their amazing colors, designs, and style attract women and make them feel special.

  • Ralph Lauren

The brand value of RALPH LAUREN is approximately $6.6 billion and its revenue is $7.1 billion. This brand targets luxury and is committed to offering the best clothing to help you live the life you always dreamt of. Many popular figures around the world are RALPH LAUREN customers. Polo is a popular brand that comes under RALPH LAUREN.

  • Gucci

GUCCI’s brand value is approximately $12.4 billion and earns about $4.5 billion in revenue. They are determined to offer high-quality clothing. GUCCI aims to provide the best outfits for a ramp. Guccio Gucci is the founder of this brand. It is one of the most expensive brands and they produce luxurious and rich clothing.

  • Chanel

CHANEL’s brand value is $6.8 billion and the company gets a revenue of $5.4 billion. The founder of this company is Coco Chanel and is popular for clothing women. They strive to manufacture the most comfortable clothes for women that makes them feel proud. It is an expensive brand across the world.

  • Hermes

HERMES’s brand value is $10.6 billion with an earnings of $5.3 billion. Thierry Hermes was the founder of this brand. The company has a history of 176 and it is a very successful brand. Silk scarves and Kelly bags are the famous products of this brand.